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Donate for Surgery of a fifteen year old boy

Home Donation - Master Pulkit

Master Pulkit
Critical care

Location : Delhi/NCR

Child Age : 15 years old

Gender : Male

Hospital : St. Stephen's Hospital

Hospital Registration Number : P 173123

Treatment Prescribed : B/L Knee Release Surgery

Total Expenditure : 128600

Parent Contribution : 32150

HCRA Contribution : 96450

Disease : Cerebral Palsy

Pulikt, a young boy of fifteen years has been struggling and living with cerebral palsy. The doctors at St. Stephens Hospital have advised B/L Knee release surgery to improve his condition.Pulkit’s father, Mr Anil Raheja, works as a stationary supplier and he is able to scrape together a minuscule amount of Rs 10,000/- per month.The estimated cost of the surgery is Rs 1,28,600/-. The family’s financial condition impairs the capability of the family in gathering funds for Pulkit’s surgery. To get out of this tribulation Mr Anil Raheja approached HCRA for help and assistance.The family is resident of Tilak Nagar. HCRA urges donations so as to boost our effort in spreading hope, happiness and positivity in the society.The donors are most welcome to contact the office if they wish to obtain more details.

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