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Donate for 22 years old boy for Mega Prosthesis rcvisum Surgery

Home Donation - Mr. Paras Shoor

Mr. Paras Shoor
Critical care

Location : Punjab

Child Age : 22 yrs. old

Gender : Male

Hospital : Patel Hospital

Treatment Prescribed : Mega Prosthesis rcvisum surgery

Total Expenditure : 375000

Disease : Knee Problem

Mr. Paras, 22 year old boy is suffering from Knee problem. His joint is loose and deep infection in it. Now he needs two stage operations for Mega prosthesis rcvisum surgery. Its cost is a huge sum of Rs 3.75 Lakhs. Paras’s father, Mr. Joginder Kumar Shoor is suffering from T.B. Disease. He himself is the only earning member in the family and earns Rs. 4000/- per month. He has to support a family of four members. He is not able to bear the expense of the surgery.So he approached HCRA’s help to bear the cost of treatment. Please come forward and contribute for Paras for a normal life.

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