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Donate for 17 year old Mayawati, suffering from Diformityin Spinal Cord (Lower Limb)

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Critical care

Location : Delhi/NCR

Child Age : 17

Gender : Female

Hospital : Indian Spinal Injuries Centre

Treatment Prescribed : Implant (Decompression & fixation at CV Junction)

Father Name : Kaniya Lal

Father Occupation : Daily Merchant

Mother Name : Santi Devi

Mother Occupation : Housewife

Total Expenditure : 105000

Parent Contribution : 105000

HCRA Contribution : 50000

Disease : Diformityin Spinal Cord (Lower Limb)

Mayawati, 17 years old has been diagnosed to have Diformityin Spinal Cord (Lower limb) if surgery not done in time her hands may not work in coming future. The child is under treatment in Indian Spinal Injuries Centre Hospital and she has been advised admission for Decompression & fixation at CV junction.The estimated cost of thetreatment is Rs.105000 Lakhs. His father is running a small shop and earns Rs.7000/-P.M. He is the only earning member and has to shoulder the herculean responsibility of taking care of his family needs and also insufficient source of income.They live in a nuclear family , including three school going children.They are the resident of Vasant vihar Jhugi, Delhi. Mr. Kaniya Lal is struggling hard to collect this tremendous amount required for treatment. His daughter’s treatment seems like a distant dream and is great cause of panic and emotional trauma. In an attempt to tackle this misfortune, Kaniya Lal seeks HCRA’s support and intervention. HCRA urges donations so as to boost our effort in spreading hope happiness and positivity in the society. The donors are most welcome to contact the office if they wish to obtain more details.

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