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Donate for Monthly Dialysis of a 22 year girl whose both kidneys have failed

Home Donation - Miss Priyanka

Miss Priyanka
Critical care

Location : Delhi/NCR

Child Age : 22 year Old

Gender : Female

Hospital : Divya Prastha Hospital, New Delhi

Hospital Registration Number : 20130322928

Treatment Prescribed : Dialysis

Total Expenditure : 16000

Parent Contribution : 8000

HCRA Contribution : 8000

Disease : Kidney failure

Mr Satyendra Singh with his wife SudhaDevi lives in a joint family and is a shopkeeper by occupation. His monthlyincome is very small and limited and to add to that his 22 year old daughter Miss Priyanka is suffering with renal failure, wherein both the kidneys have failed. To lead a normal life, doctors have advised eight dialysis sessions per month. The total cost of the dialysis being Rs 16,000/- per month.

Due to the family’s weak economical conditions, Priyanka’s father has approached HCRA for obtaining support in arranging necessary funds.

Be a part of bringing about positive change in a life and come forward to contribute.

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