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Key Rehabilitation Interventions

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The emergence of the concept of CBR is based on”If you give a man a fish, he will eat for a day. If you teach him to fish, he will eat for a lifetime.”

Community-based rehabilitation (CBR) focuses on enhancing the quality of life for people with disabilities and their families; meeting basic needs; and ensuring inclusion and participation. It is a multi-sector strategy that empowers persons with disabilities to access and benefit from education, employment, health and social services.

The process of CBR has its roots in the community and it derives subsistence from the community


The need for CBR is not only to maximise physical and mental ability but also to ensure access to regular services and opportunities, to assist people with disabilities to actively contribute to their own communities, and to encourage community members to promote and respect human rights. The primary need for CBR is improvement of quality of life. It includes integrating and including in the main domain to provide non-discriminative environment for growth and development of people with disabilities.

OBJECTIVES OF CBR AT HCRA-                                                          

At HCRA, the CBR programme is cognizant and flexible so that they can operate at various levels to enable, empower and energise the child and their families towards seeking a common goal of child’s improvement.

  • Increasing awareness that differently abled people have the right, duty and ability to participate in the social and economic activities.
  • Promoting latitude of people with disabilities to access and integrate within existing vocational training and employment programmes that were previously not available due to various barriers.
  • Promoting social integration and self-actualisation.
  • The main activities undertaken at HCRA are-
    1. Community awareness on Disability  and prevention
    2. Training parents and Community volunteers in Disability / CBR related aspects              
    3.  Provision of assistive devices like hearing Aids, artificial limbs etc.
    4. Conducting referrals 
    5. Home based Therapy
    6. Home visits and follow ups
    7. Facilitating and formation and monitoring of Parent support groups
    8. School Disability Awareness campaigns
    9. Creating linkages with other organisations/ civil society organisations
    10. Capacity building for teachers and parents in inclusion  
    11. Rehabilitation camps and workshops.


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