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We are all very passionate about our pursuits in life, likewise persons with disability have an equal right to their metier.

Vocational training is a dynamic process consisting of a series of actions and activities that follow a logical sequence of services related to the total needs of a person with a disability. The process begins with the initial case of finding a referral, and ends with the successful placement of the individual in employment.

Vocational rehabilitation of the handicapped person is a process which enables him to secure suitable employment which he could retain with an ultimate aim of integrating or re-integrating him in the society.

Typical services include, but are not limited to, vocational assessment and evaluation, vocational training, general skills upgrading and partnering with companies to help persons with disabilities get placements. Personal aptitude and interest is taken into consideration while chalking out the vocational training plan for each child/person associated with HCRA.

Persons with disabilities form a socially excluded minority. The problems associated with social exclusion are many and complex. The resolution of these problems is challenging and requires ingenious actions.


The need for vocational training is to enable and empower the disabled people to earn a living, enjoy social contacts and gain self esteem.

At HCRA, we believe that work or gainful employment gives everyone, especially those with disabilities, purpose and dignity and it helps them achieve independence and economic self-sufficiency, self-respect and fulfilment.

We strive to empower people with disabilities and assist them in achieving the dream of independence and self-sufficiency. We make this possible through a multitude of training programs and endeavour to cultivate positive and empathetic attitude towards persons with disability.


The objective of vocational training at HCRA is to strategise enhancement of rehabilitation and equalisation of opportunities.

The HCRA team aims to-

  1. To improve daily skills
  2. To impart technical capabilities and capacities
  3. To develop entrepreneurial skills
  4. To participate in family and community activities as an equal member.

At HCRA, the key areas of vocational training are-

  1. Handicraft item making
  2. Beauty artist
  3. Basic computers
  4. Terracotta decoration
  5. Cutting & tailoring
  6. Block painting
  7. Candle Making
  8. Stationary items such as envelopes, folders etc.





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