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Ms. Pooja

Ms. Pooja

Registration No : 447876 & Indian Spinal Injuries Centre
Discharge Date : 03-06-2015


Pooja was diagnosed with spinal deformity. After taking numerous medications, Pooja was still suffering with no relief. The doctors at the Indian Spinal Injuries Hospital advised deformity correction surgery to treat Pooja’s condition. Pooja’s mother is a single parent working as a domestic help and earning a meagre annual income of Rs 1,08,000/-. The cost of the surgery was estimated to be Rs 1,40,000/- which was a huge amount for Pooja’s mother to arrange. With relentless effort of HCRA and generous sponsors, HCRA contributed Rs 70,000/- for the surgery.

Finally the grey clouds disappeared and Pooja was successfully operated upon and discharged on June 3, 2015. She is now blessed with a healthy life and recovering.

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