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Master Shubham

Master Shubham

Registration No : JHN000062713 Jaypee Hospital
Discharge Date : 14/8/2015

Master Shubham has been diagnosed with heart disease. The doctors at Jaypee Hospital advised Open Heart Surgery to treat his condition. His father, who runs a grocery store, earns an insignificant amount of Rs 11,000/- in a month. Shubham’s family was going through upheavals and stress as they were unable to arrange the estimated cost of treatment, which was a whopping amount of Rs 3,50,000/-. With HCRA’s relentless and unflagging endeavours, HCRA was successful in contributing Rs 1, 00,000/- for Shubham’s surgery.

Finally the clouds faded away and happy sunny day dawned when Shubham was successfully operated and discharged in a stable condition on August 4, 2015. He is livinga healthy life and continuously improving.

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