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Master Yogansh

Master Yogansh

Registration No : JHN000054417 Jaypee Hospital
Discharge Date : 15/12/2015

Master Yogansh was diagnosed with heart disease. The doctors at Jaypee Hospital advised open heart surgery to treat Yogansh’s condition. His father is employed as a computer operator and earns an insignificant monthly income of Rs 8,000/-. The cost of the surgery was estimated to be Rs 3,50,000/- which was an unattainable amount for Yogansh’s father. With timely intervention of HCRA and generous sponsors, HCRA contributed Rs 1,25,000/- for the surgery. HCRA gave the best medicine of hope to the family to look forward to a better tomorrow.

Finally hope and happiness descended when Yogansh was successfully operated and discharged on October 17, 2015. He is now ready to live his full life and the whole family is relieved.

condition on December 15, 2015. He is now leading a healthy life and is continuously recovering.


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