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Master Kartik

Master Kartik

Registration No : APD1.0010571253 & Indraprastha Apollo Hospital
Discharge Date : 01/28/2016

Kartik was diagnosed with Wilm's Tomour.He was undergoing long process of  Radiation therapy. To battle this, the doctors at the Indraprastha Apollo Hospital advised more sessions of Radiation therapy. Kartik's  father works as a Teacher in Pvt School and supports a large seven member family with very limited means. Kartik's father earns amount of Rs 6000/- in a month. The cost of the treatment was estimated to be Rs 40380 which was a huge amount for Kartik's father to arrange. With relentless effort of HCRA and generous sponsors, HCRA contributed Rs 30380/- for the treatment.

Finally as a result of integrated efforts, Kartik underwent Radiation therapy and was discharged on Jan 28, 2016 

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