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Harmonious Children

Rehabilitation Association


Harmonious Children Rehabilitation Association HCRA is a non-profit voluntary organization, which was started in 2001 with a vision of society with equal opportunities for all and love and understanding of the need for providing opportunities for children with multiple disabilities. It engages itself in providing opportunities for children with special needs. Its interventions range from education to support to training and rehabilitation. With its “inclusive approach “it tries to facilitate speci􀁾c action and practices that integrate and include people with disabilities in all areas of life. HCRA’s motto “to be a part and not apart”; is self-explanatory and re􀁿ects the broader canvas of HCRA’s interventions. To turn this philosophy into practice, apart from working towards inclusion of students in mainstream schools a variety of actions are being undertaking to sensitize different segments of society that in􀁿uence the environment in which the special child grows Harmonious Children’s Rehabilitation Association

History & Structure

The origins of Harmonious Children Rehabilitation Association (HCRA) dates back to the early 2001 ’s when Mrs Manju Bagga on her own initiatived to participate in community development projects. With every year that passed, our organization strived to reach out and improve the lives of communities especially disabled children in a manner that was responsible and sustainable. this led to a number of projects developing under HCRA’s three core programs. As an organization, HCRA is subdivided into three core programs.

The first is what is known as the Education whereby We sponsor education for children from economically weaker section. Over the years, HCRA has offered vital assistance to children especially from economically weaker section of our society who if not helped will be totally ignored by our ruthless society.

Our second program is the Critical Care, HCRA strongly believes that each life is precious and everyone deserves the chance to have a healthy productive life. At HCRA, we provide financial, physical and emotional assistance but with valued and vital support of the sponsors. Our collaboration thus bolsters the fight against the dreaded medical conditions. Team HCRA provides help for major to minor surgeries needed by lesser privileged and abandoned children with the noble intent and hope of providing opportunity to them to lead and sustain a normal life.

Finally our third program is the Rehabilitation Program, since our goal is total Rehabilitation for the children, the emphasis at the Centre is on collaborative team effort – the Rehabilitation Expert, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapist, Speech In addition to the Rehabilitation Program, and Vocational training has always been an integral part of our curriculum. With the changing social economic pattern of society this training has become all the more significant. Every child follows all the discipline. Through Vocational training, HCRA empowers children with disability to be economical independent.

The Vocational Training Programme at Paschim Vihar & Hari Nagar, New Delhi is the final step in the rehabilitation of disabled children. Learning income-generating skills not only helps and makes the children self- sufficient and economically independent but also develops their personality and confidence. The courses offered have been designed keeping in mind the disability of the children. Special education is provided in group and individual sessions Activities include matching, drawing, coloring, stringing beads & ADL etc. Special ADL kits have been designed to assist in the learning process the multispecialty team at Rehab. Centre / School constantly improvising teaching aids and techniques to provide a variety of stimuli to the children. It is a matter of pride for us at HCRA that several children have been integrated into mainstream schools and institutes for advanced courses in vocational training. In summary, it is the combination of these three core programs that makes Harmonious Children Rehabilitation Association a successful, broad-based social welfare program.