Harmonious Children Rehabilitation Association


Harmonious Children

Rehabilitation Association

Rehabilitation Of Children With Disabilities

A multidisciplinary team consisting of rehabilitation experts, physical and occupational therapists, speech therapists, special educators, psychologists, prosthetists/orthotists, child specialists, vocational counselors, and homeopaths regularly visit the centers. Their collective expertise aids in diagnosing deformities and diseases and contributes significantly to the rehabilitation and medical well-being of the children. HCRA diligently maintains a comprehensive rehabilitation and medical record for each student across all branches.

Other Programs


Special Education

HCRA serves over 400 students, aged 3 to 22, including those enrolled in the Center for Vocational Training. The students in Special Education (SE) exhibit a range of disabilities, such as cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, autism, and learning difficulties. The primary aim of the SE program is to create an environment that enhances and optimizes each individual’s learning abilities, both academically and functionally. This approach enables them to realize their full potential and actively participate as members of the community. With a teacher-to-student ratio of 1:10, every child receives personalized attention tailored to their needs. Classes are organized into specific groups to facilitate the objectives of SE.


Skill Development / Vocational Training

Vocational training has always been an integral part of our curriculum. With the changing socio-economic landscape, this training has become increasingly significant. Each child adheres to the discipline required for such training. Through vocational training, HCRA empowers children with disabilities to achieve economic independence.
The Vocational Training Programme at HCRA represents the final step in the rehabilitation of disabled children. Learning income-generating skills not only fosters self-sufficiency and economic independence but also enhances their personality and confidence. The courses offered are tailored to accommodate the unique needs of the children with disabilities.

  1. Beauty Culture
  2. Terracotta Decoration
  3. Painting
  4. Handicrafts Items Making
  5. Basic Computer Skills
  6. Cutting & Tailoring
  7. Planting & Gardening
  8. Jewelry Making
  9. Envelop Making


Medical Treatment / Surgeries Support

HCRA offers financial assistance to children (up to 20 years old) from economically disadvantaged backgrounds for conditions such as heart disease, cancer, orthopedic issues, and other life-threatening illnesses. This support encompasses a range of services, including free diagnosis, laboratory tests, surgeries, medications, and necessary aids and appliances. To date, HCRA has facilitated successful operations for over 1000 patients through its initiatives.


Physiotherapy Department

The Physiotherapy section operates under the guidance of a team of skilled and compassionate physiotherapists. They administer tailored exercise regimens to children coping with a spectrum of congenital and acquired illnesses, including cerebral palsy, autism, Down syndrome, CTEV, DMD, and various other disabilities. Equipped with state-of-the-art modalities such as TNS, UST, SWD, and Traction, the department ensures comprehensive treatment for patients while offering invaluable mental and emotional support.


Occupational Therapy Unit

The Occupational Therapy unit operates under the expertise of a trained and qualified occupational therapist, delivering personalized services to each child. These services encompass individual assessments, treatment plans, sensory integration techniques, and early intervention strategies, all aimed at fostering skill development and enhancing independence in daily living activities. Additionally, the unit evaluates and recommends adaptive modifications for mobility aids and postural support devices to suit each child’s unique needs.

Beyond therapy sessions, the Occupational Therapy unit plays a pivotal role in guiding children towards suitable vocational training opportunities. Occupational therapists conduct comprehensive assessments to identify cognitive, motor, and sensory challenges, tailoring vocational skill recommendations accordingly for each child. Furthermore, the department collaborates with Special Education classrooms, suggesting furniture modifications to accommodate any postural requirements arising from deformities.


Prosthetics And Orthotic Unit (POE)

The Prosthetics & Orthotics workshop at HCRA specializes in crafting tailored and comfortable mobility aids and appliances for individuals with disabilities. These devices are distributed through outpatient departments (OPD), camps, and workshops. Developed in-house by the skilled team at the Department of Prosthetics & Orthotics, the primary objective is to enhance the mobility of children, fostering their self-esteem and enabling active participation in daily activities.


Speech And Audiology Department

Students with speech and hearing disabilities receive personalized counseling and encouragement from dedicated professionals who closely support them. Through one-on-one sessions, speech therapy techniques and suitable aids are employed to equip these students with the necessary skills for seamless integration into mainstream education at an accelerated pace.


Music, Dance & Drama

HCRA’s students eagerly participate in music, dance, and drama programs throughout the year, showcasing their talents at various NGOs &Institutions. These activities not only provide enjoyment but also contribute significantly to the holistic development and self-confidence of the children. Through these creative outlets, students gain valuable skills in expression, teamwork, and performance, enriching their overall educational experience at HCRA.


Games & Sports

Games and sports play a pivotal role in fostering both physical and social development, profoundly influencing the well-being of special children. At HCRA, students of all ages, from the youngest to the oldest, engage in a wide array of indoor and outdoor activities. These include cricket, skating, athletics, badminton, bocce, and various fun games. Additionally, indoor games serve as effective teaching aids while providing enjoyable experiences for the students.


Education Sponsorship

HCRA initiated this program in 2001 with the aim of encouraging parents from lower-income groups to enroll their children in school. Presently, we are honored to support over 500 children through this initiative. Sponsors are invited to contribute a monthly school fee, ensuring the children have access to education. To remain enrolled, children must demonstrate progress by presenting their report cards regularly. This requirement ensures accountability and encourages continued educational advancement.